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Men's Suede Chelsea Boots

The best boots can be worn dressed-down as well as for dressier occasions - and the Chelsea boot is a particularly good example of this versatility. With their timeless, classic elegance, suede Chelsea boots are available in a great range of colours and finishes, with rounded or pointed toes, so there’s bound to be a pair that suits your style. The Chelsea boot is said to have been designed in Queen Victoria’s day for the sovereign by the bootmaker to the monarch herself, one J Sparkes-Hall. The invention became popular at a time when traditionally boots had a lot of complex lacing. The name comes from the famously fashionable London borough where socialites could be seen sporting the new-style shoes. The Chelsea boot’s place in history was assured when the Beatles and then the Rolling Stones were photographed wearing them. Comfortable enough to wear all day easy to get on and off, men’s suede Chelsea boots are a classic footwear option. Click for more information about Chelsea boots.

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New arrival Herring Sittaford Chelsea boots
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herring sittaford in wheat nubuck
more colours available
herring sittaford in caramel suede
herring sittaford in sand suede
more colours available
Herring Sittaford  rubber-soled Chelsea boots
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herring sittaford rubber in brown suede
more colours available
herring sittaford rubber in brown waxy calf
herring sittaford rubber in brown grain
more colours available
Herring Chichester rubber-soled Chelsea boots
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herring chichester in brown suede
herring chichester in black calf
Barker Mansfield Chelsea boots
$510.00 incl tax and delivery
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barker mansfield in brown waxy suede
more colours available
barker mansfield in black calf
barker mansfield in walnut calf
Barker Sutton rubber-soled Chelsea boots
$420.00 incl tax and delivery
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Results 1 to 11 of 11

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